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Robert Scott Hooper

Hoopers' lifelong dream was to become a Playboy photographer, something he achieved early on with a large production that ran ten pages called "Sex and the Automobile". He continued working with the magazine for years, creating and photographing similar major pictorials. You can see more of Hooper's photographic work at RSCOTTHOOPER.COM Eventually, after years of being an award winning still photographer, published in magazines around the world, Robert Scott Hooper was ready for "moving pictures". He jumped on the video bandwagon in the early 1980's when home video cameras made it all accessible. Enthusiastic to learn and excited about the prospects of putting his visual talents to work on moving pictures, Hooper started producing and directing local Las Vegas television commercials and earned several advertising awards almost immediately. It didn't take long to establish Hooper Productions and include music videos, sales films and small cable TV productions in the company roster along with his high end still photography.

In 1992, Circus Circus Properties hired Hooper Productions to do a short promotional film on their super secret "Project X" which would be announced to the world with great fanfare by our film. It turns out the job was to create a film of their new hotel project, The Luxor, by filming the architectural model and it's details and editing it with music, to be shown at a press "coming out" party. Mel Larson, who headed up Project X for William Bennett asked Hooper about doing time-lapse of the construction of the new Luxor Hotel, and the rest is history. Hooper Productions "TimeFlix" today is considered the top expert in construction time-lapse in the world.

Theresa Holmes

Theresa Holmes started working for Hooper many years ago (too many for a lady to tell!), in his b&w darkroom. As his career expanded, so did hers. She learned to handle the "business" early on so he could create his art and when he started traveling to do magazine work she became his photo stylist and make-up artist so as not to be left behind. Eventually, photo styling was expanded to actually producing his pictorials and high end photo shoots.

When Hooper Productions started in the video business, Holmes was thrilled by how editing and music came together to make the final product and buried herself in learning the process. When the emerging computer technologies in the early 90's opened up a whole new world for photography, video and graphics companies and Hooper Productions expanded again, adding computer graphics and design to their repertoire. Hooper had started his career as a graphic artist before moving to photography so with his guidance, Holmes began designing graphics for clients final products, including magazine ads, sales sheets, poster art and video box covers. With study, practice and eventually experience, Holmes today is expert at managing every aspect of a time-lapse project from the groundbreaking to the final editing and public display of the project.

Jeffery Parkes

Jeff Parkes has been a part of the Hooper Productions team from the first time they worked together on a music video project in the mid 80's. A cameraman at the time, Jeff impressed Hooper with his abilities because they would help get RSH out from behind the camera to where he could concentrate on directing. Jeff not only had a good eye, but he had the ability to jump to any position needed on the set. He started his career in lighting design, building sets, cutting film and assisting other photographers and filmakers so he knew every aspect of production.

Over the years Jeff has continued to add experience by striving to stay up with the latest technology and continuing to stay in the middle of productions for some of the country's largest corporations. HBO Boxing, NHRA Motorsports, Warner Brothers, NBC, General Motors, Mercedes, Harley Davidson, AVON, Astra Zeneca, Apple Computers, Microsoft and Fender Guitar just to name a few. On these productions his duties vary from Technical Director, Editor, Projectionist, Camera Operator and even Segment Producer. He is a certified VariCam operator and Final Cut Pro editor and is skilled in using Tyler Camera Mounts, Barco LED Video Walls, Digital HD projectors, and just about any video camera set up SD or HD you can come up with. He has ran camera for Journey, Harry Connick, Jr, Foreigner, the Eagles, Aerosmith, Elton John, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Jeff is the "go to" guy at Hooper Productions, whether it is designing a better housing or fabricating a system for solar power. His broad skills have helped the production company stay on the leading edge and daily reinforce our philosophy of "going the extra mile".

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