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The first question might be, Why Do I Want One? The answer is obvious
if you are building a "one of a kind" resort or attraction, like the
Luxor Hotel.....there will never be another like it. Far more than
just a record of construction, the time-lapse footage of the building of
the Luxor has been broadcast worldwide, appearing in news programs, The
Discovery Channel and even on video sales products about the hotel.

People love time-lapse. It's exciting. Like we are kids again,
discovering something brand new and watching how it is made. Several
of our film projects have ended up being broadcast on cable channels
like Discovery because people love to see time-lapse. Naturally the
hotels themselves have reaped the benefit from that kind of "free
advertising". Builders and architects, as well as the hotels have used
it in their sales or promotional video releases and our footage has even
played at schools for learning purposes.

We can come up with a number of ways time-lapse can be utilized for many
businesses. Are you a landscape designer? Imagine showing your
prospective client a new house with a yard full of dirt that is
transformed by your crew into a lovely, inviting paradise in a matter of
minutes. Better yet, a thirty second television commercial of the
transformation will demand everyone who sees it will remember you! Are
you a renewable energy company? Or an inventor? A set designer or
convention contractor? Everyone wants the public to be as thrilled about
your creation as you are. There is no doubt time-lapse gets peoples
attention. The Springs Preserve planned to display our time-lapse on
kiosks around the property to show how it's energy efficient buildings
were made. How could a time-lapse film add interest to your website?
And who knows what new venue will appear in this age of fast changing

We would love to discuss your project with you and consider all the ways
a time-lapse film could benefit your company, besides the obvious
"record for posterity". And, we will do our best to give you a fair
estimate to photograph your project in time-lapse. Please be aware that
a major construction project will require a "site survey" to truly do a
cost analysis. Many factors must be taken into consideration on long
term projects, including the time of year and the arc of the sun. In
order to create an accurate budget, we will need to see the location,
availability of power, as well as blueprints, security and structures
that could be used for placement of cameras or locations for building a
tower if there are no structures. Guessing is not an option on a project
that could take years to complete and forever be captured on film.


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